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Victoria Alcock

C&G Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector level 3

Assignment 1: Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be in terms of the teacher training cycle

My roles and responsibilities as a tutor is to teach my learners in the most

effective way I feel is suitable to their needs, giving each student a fair and

equal opportunity to learn the subject.

As a tutor I set boundaries in my classroom and with my students I also ask

them for their opinions on what they think is acceptable behaviour and set

clear ground rules from day one. Setting boundaries reinforces the tutor

learner agreement so whilst being friendly and approachable my relationship

stays of a professional nature, I feel this gains a more positive and respectful

environment, with a mutual understanding and a good stepping stone to the

training cycle.

Identify Needs

To identify the needs of each learner and any specific learning need

(dyslexia, Scetopic Sensitivity, behavior etc) through initial interview and

basic skills assessment. Ensure classroom facilities and resources are

available and meet government and H&S requirement.

Plan and Design

Look at course and plan how best to teach this working alongside the

awarding body syllabus, register learner and complete paperwork. Look at

course content and plan scheme of work dependant on learner’s ability

accommodating best learning style. Write lesson plans to engage learners

And motivate learning; reflect on previous sessions to see if any

improvements could be made.

Deliver / facilitate

Look at learners needs and incorporate each learning style into my sessions,

have clear and realistic aims and objectives to gain full group participation,

and to maintain a inclusive and a more