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Explain the importance of keeping records of assessments for your own individual purpose and summarize the requirements for the organization
Show an awareness of the kinds of records you will need to keep with regards to assessment
Explain why these different kinds of records are necessary.

The overall objective of the school is to have as complete a record of the growth and progress of each learner as an individual as possible. For this purpose, continuous assessment records, non‑academic appointments, term class reports, special incident accounts and the normal data found in the pupil's file all contribute significantly. A well maintained system of record keeping for learners assignments, examination and test performance provides a tool for will be building and improving on the course/program. Records provide a long term profile of achievement for each learner and can be used as feedback mechanisms for further development of pupil learning, teaching strategies and other curriculum development. There are different kinds of records that I should keep as a teacher and each has its purposes.

As a teacher, I have to keep record of attendance of my learners. This is to comply with Health and Safety in case something goes wrong, I would need to be able to provide a list of who was around and not. This record can also help identify or give an idea of the effect of non-attendance. As well as attendance records, I have to have carried out induction with my learners to inform them of the health and safety guidelines and keep a record of this. I also have to keep a record of all incidents on the incident book to comply with health and safety regulations.

I have to keep records of diagnostic assessment which have been used to identify the needs of my learners, Individual learning plans created after the diagnostic assessments, records of referrals and reports if any made to me or by me for example referrals to speech and language specialist, learning support assistance to monitor our progress. I would need to also have and maintain learners portfolios and on going progress reports to track the progress of my learners. Records from summative assessments and the units covered in my teaching are also necessary to be kept as they will help my to stay on track with the progress of my learners.

Assessment records are generally kept for different reason. One being that they help provide evidence when seeking funds for a program.