Ptlls L 4 Unit 009 Essay

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James Pitman
Level 4 PTLLS
Unit 009
Oct/Nov 2012
Analyse learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism

Strategy | Strengths | Weaknesses | Group discussion | A good way of exploring a topic in depthUseful to assess a learners knowledge and understanding of the topicAll learners can be encouraged to be involvedDiverse characteristics and backgrounds of learners will ensure a well rounded view | Some learners may not feel confident contributing – good ice-breaker required Other learners may dominate discussion – teacher facilitation important Easy to digress from topic – ground rules and teacher facilitation important | Role play | A good way of gaining a well rounded viewEncourages learners to be active and think
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Using scribes helps quieter learners to feel part of the discussion. * 2.1 Analyse inclusive approaches to learning and teaching * Theorists differ in their emphasis on the most inclusive approaches to teaching and learning. ‘Kolb’ an Experiential theorists would argue that approaches such as essays and journals are the most effective means as they reinforce the ‘idea that the more often a learner reflects on a task, the more often they have the opportunity to modify and refine efforts’ (Gravells, 2012, p. 31). Although reflection is a key element of learning, the limitation of these approaches is that they focus on learners working independently and would limit inclusivity for learners who how lower level literacy skills. * * The most effective approaches are often those that enable the teacher to be creative and learners to draw on their different learning styles. Approaches such as quizzes, presentations and discussions, are simple and often only require small adjustments to make them inclusive. I use many techniques to enable the learner to gain confidence in themselves which in turn builds self esteem with both short and long term goals in seeking employment. * 2.2 Analyse how to select resources to meet the needs of learners * Resources need to directly benefit students, be relevant to the subject, and support learning. The scheme of work and lesson plan – fed into by the initial assessment and needs