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Tony Boyd
Public Speaking
Topic:How To Eat Healthier
General Purpose:To Inform-How to eat more nutritously,step by step ways to better health
Specific Purpose:At the end of my speech the audience should be able to,understand the value of a good diet,make better more wise eating choices,and hopefully do them understanding the effects of a poor diet.
Central Idea:By making changes in your diet meal by meal watch and be amazing about how you won't gain weight as easily and also with daily exercise even lose some pounds!
Attention Grabber :"Dont dig your own grave with a knife and fork"-English Proverb. This relates to people eating habits,basically that some people eat a great deal of unhealthy foods.Eventually if changes aren't made there can be some very serious health effects.However there is hope because with a few changes in your diet,you can make a big difference.
Audience Relevancy Statement:What I'm saying will hopefully make you aware of the different options there are out there or how just foods people normally consume that maybe they should eat as much of.
Credibility Material: Playing different sports Ive realized the importance of nutrition ,especially playing soccer you couldn't eat something like pizza and french fries and then try to play a game,just understanding what foods will supercharge you and what foods my slow you down.
Preview of the Speech: I will speak about how some substitutions through out the day will make a difference.
Body:Breakfast-eliminate sweetend cereals-everbody loves cocoa puff,and reeses puffs and waffle crisps,cinnamon toast crunch cereals but these cereals are very sugary.At least 10 11 grams of sugar per bowl,and if you like refills then thats even more. Instead try cheerios or rice krispies which is less sugar at about 2 g per serving of sugar.
Also switch from whole milk to 2 percent milk..then