Puberty: Puberty and Changes Essay

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Everybody goes through puberty. Puberty is a series of changes that transform a child into an adult who can bare children. The hypothalamus and the pituitary glands are two parts of the brain that begin to create more hormones, including the growth hormone, which act on the human body to allow these changes to happen. Both males and females have these hormones, but operate on different parts of the body. There is no set age for when puberty occurs; everybody develops at a different rate. Different kinds of changes occur during puberty. There are physical changes (external and internal) as well as emotional, that girls and boys experience during this time, the two are not very similar, but there are a few characteristics that both the male and female acquire. This paper will address the major changes that happen during this time of development.

Boys usually develop around ages 10-15. The first sign of the beginning of puberty is the enlargement of the testicles, and the lengthening of the penis. The skin of the scrotum (the external pouch that holds the testes) begins to redden and thin out, and pubic hair begins to sprout around this region. Hair also begins to grow on the face, legs, chest, and underarms. The growth of the body happens the fastest during puberty. Four or more inches added to the height may be obtained in one year. The general shape of the body changes, and muscles are developed, as well as strength. Another attribute that boys receive is a voice change. Before puberty, the voice is high and during this development, the voice may start to crack going from high to low due to the lengthening of the vocal cords and the increase of the larynx. It will eventually mature into a deep, manly voice. Boys usually begin to have spontaneous erections when puberty has begun. An erection is when the nervous system activates an increase in blood flow, and the penis is filled with blood. This causes the penis to become stiff and hard. This can happen when sexual thoughts or arousal is occurring, or sometimes without cause. When erections take place, it might 1. Go away by itself, or 2. ejaculate. Ejaculating is a process by which the sperm from the testicles is released out of the penis. A major process that occurs during puberty is that boys are able to produce sperm, which fertilize a womans egg to make a baby. Ejaculation needs to occur at one point, to release some of these fluids. This happens either after sexual stimulation, or during a natural process called nocturnal emissions or, “wet dreams.”

The hormones flowing through a boy’s body frequently leads to emotional ruling. Testosterone produces aggressive behavior, and sometimes they don’t even become aware of their actions. Frustration and anxiety is also another characteristic of the feelings boys are going through. Either they feel like they are not developing as fast as their peers around them, or that they are developing faster than them. Their appearance also may not be appealing or satisfying to them, so worry is often on their minds. Public erections happen every now and then, and it may be uncontrollable to the boy, which is why they become embarrassed if it happens, but once the boy becomes older, it is easier for them to control their erections. Independence also develops. Boys feel like they are able to make their own decisions, without having to rely on mom and dad. All of these emotions lead from a boy, to a man. In first Corinthians 13:11, it says “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Puberty in girls usually starts within the ages of 8-16. One of the first traits that happen is the augmentation of the breasts. Like boys, girls also go through a growth spurt, and can grow about four inches in a year. Their face changes shape, as well as their body. Hips, thighs, and buttocks become covered with more fat tissue, and girls