Four Operation Cooperation Public And Private Cooperation

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4 Operation Cooperation Public and Private Cooperation Introduction Operation Cooperation is an initiative that refers to the acts towards engaging in an systematic partnership between the public law enforcement and the private security establishments, which both exist to provide a level of safety and protection to the communities where they are designated to.
Thiscooperation is deemed to be significant due to the fact that crime and other potential threats to human well being tend to develop in its own way, and such situation calls for more innovative ness and vigilance so that they can gain a more effective position against the potential threats.
Operation Cooperation may be considered as one of the better innovations, and this is because it is by nature an integration of the private and public sector of safety and security services which are before more inclined to work independent of each other.
The understanding of the Operation Cooperation may be structured this way: we can discuss on relevant information in terms of 1) the initiative' s participants, 2) the type of programs included in the initiative and their corresponding objectives, 3) the elements of success, which serve as criteria or measure of a good program, 4) operating procedures for the establishment and maintenance of sustainable cooperative programs and 5) information of existing public- private partnerships for purposes of consultations.
Who are involved in the Public- Private Cooperation When we say that there is cooperation, who and what entities are actually cooperating.
Though we are not excluding other entities or organizations that operate for safety and protection functions, let us take some examples from each sector so we can have a grasp of who and what participates in Operation
Cooperation: Public Law Enforcement ? local and state police departments ? sheriff' s departments ? Federal
Bureau of Investigation of FBI ? Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms or ATF ? Customs Service ?
Secret Service ? Marshals Service Private Security ? corporate security departments ? guard companies ? alarm companies ? armored car businesses ? investigative firms ? security equipment manufacturers It is important to note that though the legitimate exercise of ‘ Police Powers' exclusively belongs to the public law enforcement, and is in fact the primary distinction of the two classifications, we can see that both sectors have the same concerns, and that is to use their available resources to provide safety and protection.
Why should there be cooperation What needs to be articulated is that even though there are essential distinctions between the role of