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What is the significance of safety and health in the workplace? What defines safety and health in the workplace? Many things occur on a daily basis that we do not know are happening that affect us negatively in some way, shape, or form. So many times there are airborne diseases that occur in the workplace that many people catch that could, in turn, affect them negatively. ”People who work in offices or a place that deals with clients, come in contact with airborne diseases that can harm them”.1 Airborne diseases such as the flu or the common cold are transmitted through coughing, sneezing, breathing, etc. These are the types of diseases that people do not realize they are catching until the symptoms occur. Many of the symptoms of the common cold include, but are not limited to, runny nose, scratchy throat, blurred vision, fever, head ache. The transmission of airborne diseases is a big factor in health in the workplace. Many things can be performed to prevent the transmission of these diseases. “Things, such as washing your hands, and covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough are some preventative measures to take2.” These types of issues help to cure the common cold, or help prevent the transmission of the common cold to other people. Things such as the flu can be prevented from getting a flu shot or mist help to prevent the flu from spreading. Simple measures can be taken to prevent life-threatening illnesses. There are many things that involve the safety in the workplace. Many things such as signs and rules and regulations help to prevent the potential dangers that may occur at work. When someone posts a sign that says “DO NOT CLIMB. COULD CAUSE LIFE THREATENING INJURIES,” you are not going to ignore the sign like it is nothing. You will listen to the sign and realize, “Oh I could really get hurt if I fall or disrespect this sign.” Many people do not realize that there are many things that can hurt you when you are at work. Chemicals that you may be working with could cause you to get burned or potentially damage your skin or your lungs. Other things such as wet places on the floor could cause you to get hurt. When you go to work for a company, you are given a contract that is full of rules and regulations that help to protect you and the other people around you so that there are no potential dangers that may occur. When someone works for a company and they disobey the rules and regulations that are set up for them, they are potentially putting the company at risk for dangers that may occur. Always take precautions to ensure that everyone around you is safe. If you are going to take advantage of the contract of a company, then the company is going to terminate your employment. If someone does not follow the safety precautions established then something has to be done to rectify that. Many people choose to do things that go against what the company has ordered for them to do. These people are the ones