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Public health (PH) is an issue continually on the UK Government agenda and one in which it is anticipated that all health professionals will participate in (Nuttall, 2008). PH focuses on the health and well-being of a society and is the most effective means of protecting and improving it. It addresses the root causes of illness and disease, including the interacting social environmental, biological, and psychological dimensions, as well as the provision of effective health services. PH relies on evidence, judgement and skills and promotes the participation of the populations who are themselves the subject of policy and action (United Kingdom Public Health Association (UKPHA), 2008).

Health promotion is a process of enabling people to
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Ewles and Simnett (2003) set out a basic planning and evaluation process which consists of a seven stage flow chart, this can be used to plan and assess aspects of health promotion. This process will be used to reflect on the planning of the health promotion event that was carried out. The seven steps are as follows: (1) Identify needs and priorities (2) Set aims and objectives (3) Decide the best way of achieving the aims (4) Identify resources (5) Plan evaluation methods (6) Set action plan (7) Action, implement your plan, including evaluation (Ewles and Simnett, 2003).
Naidoo and Wills (2009) identify five approaches to health promotion; medical approach; behaviour approach; educational approach; client approach and societal change approach. Ewles and Simnett (2003 ) argue that all health promotion programmes can fall into any one of these five approaches. For the purposed health promotion activity to be carried out, the educational model will be applied; however it will also bring in the behavioural approach. The educational approach is described as giving individuals information to discover the health benefits or detriments for themselves (Naidoo and Wills, 2009). The behavioural approach is described as a way of encouraging changes in an individual’s attitudes and beliefs to take up a healthier lifestyle