Public Health and Health Advocacy Project Essay

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Weekly Guide

Community Health Advocacy Project Overview

Each week you will use the Weekly Guide to guide you through the process of creating a hypothetical, community health advocacy project due in Week Six. The following breakdown represents each week's part:

• In Week One, you select an aggregate and write questions to help you identify areas of strength and of need.

• In Week Two, you focus on describing the characteristics of your aggregate and writing an action plan on how you would apply each of Christoffel’s three stages as an advocate for the aggregate.

• In Week Three, you apply the three levels of prevention to your aggregate’s health concern and select
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Apply the three levels of prevention to your aggregate’s health concern. See below describes each level along with action plan. Continuous education is the key factor in the three levels of prevention

Include a specific example of your initiative in action for each level.

1. Primary: The primary intervention for the selected aggregate is to stop them from getting pregnant at the first place. Primary intervention will include teaching the teens about sexuality, teaching about the negative impact from becoming pregnant.
2. Secondary: secondary prevention would be early interventions for the pregnant teens. Early intervention includes testing and treating the pregnant teen for STDs, providing adequate prenatal care, and treating for high blood pressure. Action plan will be to participate into organizations and join campaigns to raise funds so that teens can receive prenatal care and alleviate health complications. Coordinate with the local health department and have community programs accessible to the teens. This will help offer wellness check up or screening for blood pressure, and giving information on healthy diet choices low in sodium diet.
3. Tertiary: Tertiary prevention address interventions that the author may place into the action plan for the teen after pregnancy. Offer continuous education on preventing