Essay about Public Healthcare

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Intro to Healthcare Management
10 February 2014

FOOD AND NUTRITION Every day, we are faced with an ample quantity of food and nutrition information and choices. If it’s not maintaining a healthful diet while eating at our favorite restaurant, navigating the shelves at our local grocery store, or fueling up for an upcoming race, making the smart food and nutrition choices is a necessary part of everyone's daily life.
Public health refers to preventing disease in addition to promoting good health among groups of people. Food and Nutrition has been addressed as the most effective and organized way to identify and resolve problems with health problems. As individual, we should take our health seriously. We should focus on preventing illness rather than treating ourselves. This is because, the expenses on health care are increasing without achieving on the health and productivity of the state (James, Public Health concern).The objective of food and nutrition strategy is to protect as well as promoting health and reduce burden of food related diseases, while contributing to socio economic development and a sustainable environment. A major goal of the health sector is to endorse health through a well-balanced diet, the prevention of nutritional deficiencies along with the control of food borne diseases. A multi sector approach, including agriculture, environment, transport, food industry and commerce is thus essential to aid food and nutrition high policy on the political schedule. Health should be an expected result from food and nutrition strategy and contribute to the triumph and profitability of the pertinent commercial zone (Alex). Sensitive awareness in relation to food security has driven the public to lay down change, prompting the legislative body to establish legislation to reinforce the scheme. The assembly has a distinctive prospect to endorse legislation which will attempt to address the deceitful shortcomings in our nation’s food safety. More often than not, food processor and industry must self-monitor their performance to prevent contamination of food products to avoid outbreaks because contaminated products frequently escape notice until consumers become ill and mostly tracing and identifying outbreaks can be very complicated (Robertson). There are different programs that are offered funding that take care of food and nutrition to advance on public care issues, such as Food Stamps, WIC .for an example, with inadequate funds will restrict the capability of state health agencies to demeanor robust prevention and surveillance activities. Without existing federal funding, many states would be unable to investigate and monitor food outbreaks at their current level. Providing an increase in sustainable funding will enable preventive inspections, coordinated response and proactive surveillance to minimize outbreaks hence strengthening food safety system. Public health should be able to outreach programs that will help to improve food safety at consumers’ level. With reputation on