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‘I'm less interested in why we're here. I'm wholly devoted to while we're here.’ ~Erika Harris
I speak to you today, on this glorious morning with a clear goal in mind, to paint a picture, to paint a picture so vivid it leaps from the screen and can be measured by the senses, it can be seen as clear as day, it can be heard for miles around, it can be smelt with just the faintest drop, it can ignite the taste buds to stand up and demand more, and finally be felt; felt not just by touch, but by something much greater, felt by the soul.
We have in front of us an opportunity, this are not to be sniffed at. As my opening quote embodies… it is not our role to ask questions of our daily being, it is to make sure that for however long we have here, and we make sure we leave a mark. We let the world know we’ve arrived.
A greater man than me once saw a road (A660) with a string of Public Houses leading to a great Yorkshire city and thought… ‘What if I visit all those Public Houses (Pubs) is quick succession, what if I have a pint in each one, and most importantly; what if I enjoy it?’ This man may have gone unnoticed but today we can honour his noble thought by taking the path he once took many years ago.
The route is set in stone, never faulting and never changing, many venture along the trail but few have what it takes to claim sweet cold nectar at the finish line. Now… let me pick up my paint brush and begin painting:
‘Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.’ ~ Charles Richards
The Otley Run
Woodies Ale House: Many know this as ‘The Gates’ or ‘The Gates to the Promised Land’, this is where the first beer of the day will be poured and consumed. It gives people a chance to warm there livers up in the comfort of real timber style pub. Many participants like to take a look around the group in order to remember faces and names, as it may not be long before both become a blur, all while harbouring a cheeky smile, as everyone is aware of what is coming.
‘I was in for 10 hours and had 40 pints - beating my previous record by 20 minutes.’ - George Best
The Three Horseshoes: The second on our journey is just a stone’s throw away from The Gates, the service maybe lacklustre at times when occupancy is great, this in no-way detracts from the taste and experience. With ample seating and lighting this pub offers a view onto what many refer to as ‘The Kings Straight’, from the doorstep a view can be seen straight down the A660 for quite some distance, this allows people to gauge the scale of the endeavour they are undertaking. The weak are encouraged to depart at this stage as doubts can suck valuable gusto out of worthy participants.
The New Inn: Here we feature another cosy little opener, by this stage bodies are beginning to get into action, working on breaking down the alcohol into basic sugars. It is recommended to have had a heart protein rich meal before the run in order to help in the soaking up of these sugars. This pub offers seating both inside and out and it is always a good idea to take a tad longer here than the previous two as it now a longer walk to the next.
Headingley Taps: The walk may be long, but the reward is great, this towering colossus can be seen from metres around, the doorway hints at grandeur, and the interior does not disappoint. This is a convenient place to make sure your party is still together as the walk may have claimed some early stragglers.
The Arc: A firm favourite amoungst seasoned players, the pub/bar crossover let you know you’re now heading into a mixed gender relationship for the rest of your journey, the path is now littered with not only pubs, but also bars. The views available upon the upper deck of The Arc are nothing to turn your nose up at. The innovative seating is always frequented as the smokers of the pack take in the sun looking over the grassy patches below, usually visible are other members vicariously taking in the