Public Integrity Team Paper

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Public Integrity
Nicole Beech & Milka Dominguez
Prof. Bennett
Nov. 24th, 2014

Public Integrity

Integrity is an extremely important topic when it comes to working for a public agency or non-profit organization. Any code of ethics is essentially a list of plans to accomplish goals with a specific sense of uprightness and honesty. Promoting public service above one’s self, upholding the constitution and the law, promoting democratic participation, strengthening social equity, providing accurate and honest information, demonstrating personal integrity, promoting ethical organizations and advancing personal education through professional development are ways that the American Society for Public Administration enact honestly in everything they do ("Code Of Ethics", 2013).

The Planning Commission in Hillsborough County has as separate board that focuses on the betterment of areas near the Hillsborough River ("Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board & Technical Advisory Council", 2014) . This will not only be beneficial to the environment and ecosystem. I t will also encourage growth in the economy. Florida Law Chapter 86-335 explains the existence and purpose of the board. The purpose is to educate the community about the river’s history and why it is so important that it is taken care of. There are parks dispersed along the river and volunteer events to keep the river clean from pollution. This board has done well with ethics because a different approach could have been taken where, the pollution and bad parts of the river are hidden and the cleaning initiatives could have been avoided to avoid bad press. The cities that the