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Undergraduate Law Students – Year 1
Submitting your assignment * You should prepare and save your assignment as a Word document.

* Make sure you submit your assignment in advance of the due date and time in case there are any technical problems. If you have a technical problem when you submit your assignment you must report the problem to the IT helpdesk, otherwise your assignment may be marked as late.
IT helpdesk:

* Follow the instructions below and check the FAQ section in the IT helpdesk ‘Blackboard’, ‘Assignments, Assessments, Quizzes and Grades’ for more information:

* The VLE Team run drop-in ‘Face-to-Face’ support sessions in the Mile End Library from 12.00 – 13.30 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The next few sessions are on: * 26 October * 27 October * 2 November * 3 November * 9 November * 10 November
For more information: How to submit your assignmentIf you are submitting a standard Blackboard assignment then follow these instructions:

Before submitting an assignment as an attachment you should already have completed your assignment and saved it on your computer. Then
1. Click on Assignments option in the left panel to see assignment options
2. Click on Inbox to see your assignment
3. Click on your assignment to see the description and to submit your assignments

Click on the title of the assignment that you would like to access. Click on the Add Attachments button. The Get Files window opens

Click on the My Computer icon. Browse to the location you saved your assignment file. Select the file and click on Open. The file will be uploaded and you will see the filename just above the Add Attachment button. (If the file upload fails and you get an error message. Repeat the process again). Click on the Submit button. A confirmation window will appear, click on OK. | | | | If you are unable to see a "My Computer" icon when you go to upload files into Blackboard then it is likely that you have not allowed Java Applets to run on your computer. Some users see a "red cross" where the My Computer icon should be similar to the image below....

In this case you should:
1. Log out of Blackboard
2. Exit and then restart your internet browser
3. Log back in to Blackboard.

You will get a dialog box titled something like "Security Warning" making reference to Java Applets. You must "OK" this by clicking "Run" or "Yes" or "Trust". (The exact wording of this dialog box may vary depending on the particular configuration of the computer you are using.) You should see the following window.