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Niccolo Machivelli's Prince quotations by Bryan McDaniel
1.) "A prince should therefore have no other aim or thought, nor take up any other thing for his study but war and it organization and discipline, for that is the only art that is necessary to one who commands."
This means rulesshould only think of war, should always be preparing for it and studying a more effective way to wage it. an example would be like Genghis khan, as all he did was conquer and spread his empire, but after his death and it was split into four pieces, the conquering stopped and so the empires collapsed.

5.) "And that prince who bases his power entirely on... words, finding himself competely without other preparations, comes to ruin"
Thus states that someone, particularly a ruler, who only talks and does not back up his words will be destroyed. when those are tested. this can be seen, not so clearly, with North korea, they threaten nuclear war if certain conditions, but so far have not been able to back up their

4.) "since love and fear card hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved."
Meaning that a ruler can either be exhonorated by his people or be feared and that being feared is the safest choice in the matter because that means the people will less likely to rebel or act against the ruler

7.) "one should never allow chaos to develop in order to avoid going to war, because one does not avoid a war,but instead puts it off to his disadvantage." a ruler shouldn't lose control to avoid fighting, because the war would just put off until said ruler cannot control his people