Essay on Public Policing Verses Private Security

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Public Policing Verses Private Security
September 30, 2014

Public Policing Verses Private Security
Public policing and private security services have many common similarities as well as several distinct differences. In essence both the public and private security is charged with the common goal of protecting person or property. There primary mission is to combat anti-social behavior that is deemed inappropriate by society. The role of the private security agency is the prevention of criminal activity on any given assigned premise or property. These duties would include loss prevention, resource protection and the protection of specific persons for which they are assigned to. Public security on the other hand is tasked with the protection of the general public that resides and or is traveling thru their given jurisdiction.
In many situations the similarities is easily seen between the two separate types of security services. Private security is often referred to as contract and or in-house security services. The officer on site is often trained to protect assets such as material goods and personal for whomever they are contracted thru. In contrast those members of the public security system will have greater powers of authority. Those powers will include but are not limited to the ability to pursue and apprehend suspects, issue citations. Public security agencies in short are there to enforce the laws with in their jurisdiction. This includes local, county, state and federal agencies.
Leadership roles in both public and private security agencies can often be attained thru merit. In the example of many public entities a chief or administrator will have worked his or her way up thru the ranks. Having not only achieved their educational requirements a member of the public security leadership role will have more often than not achieved promotion by working thru the ranks. Although working ones way up to a leadership role is a preferred manner it does not necessarily the case when it comes to Directors and or sheriffs. In some cases directors of a large public agency will be by appointment from a public official. This will be an elected official such as a governor. In the private sector a leadership role will be modeled after that of the corporate world. A man or woman that is charge of the private security firm will either be elected by a panel of their peers and or corporate executives. The roles of the leadership will vary slightly from the private to the public entity. Although both benefit from strong leadership the role of the Public administrator should be that of a para-military style. Public policing is and should be a more hierarchical and be more organized in order to provide the services needed to achieve their goals.
In the Private sector the administrator will have a defined set of rules and regulation to follow. This is not unlike those policies and procedures that the Public police will follow. However as a private administrator he or she will more than likely have personal that either do not have the experience or lack the training needed for their assigned tasks. As a leader in the private sector it would be necessary to ensure the training of the security personal.
The relationship of the private and public administrators and that of the criminal justice system should be clearly defined. As a member of the public security services the role of the administrator should be that of a teacher and a role model. Leading a public organization will have tremendous amount of scrutiny and stress. The specific role involved is determined by the laws of the district they serve.
The leadership role of the private sector in terms of the criminal justice system should be that of mutual support. Although the private security company will not have the power of arrest that their counterparts will have they do play an important part as support.