Public Policy Leaders

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In the world we live in today, the public has all types of demands that leaders and officials trying to meet and problems they are trying to solve. Some requests are able to be met because it is in the official’s power to fulfill the public’s desires. Most desires are reasonable and others are just flat out ridiculous. For a public leader to remain in his/her position, they must do what is right for the society as a whole not just for one individual. If the leader or elected official did not have a goal for the public when they received their title they should not have been elected in the first place. A public policy leader listens to what the people are saying, but has to stay true to his/her own views. The leader has to make sure that …show more content…
The public has a voice and they deserve to be heard, as well as knowing they have one. As the elected official, it is his/her duty to make sure the opinions and views are reasonable. Ultimately, the leader is choosing what is best for everyone while taking the people's ideas into consideration. While in control of the society, the elected official or public policy leader is expected by the people to make sure that every demand has a solution that best suits the people. Anyone who has been in a leadership position knows that it does not and never will work this way. Each leader or official has goals they have set for themselves to achieve for the public. Although the final decisions may not be what the public would like, these decisions are based on what is able to happen. For example, imagine a classroom full of students who are failing due to not completing work, and they are demanding the teacher to give them a passing grade. The teacher has to make the decision whether to meet their demands or not. The teacher then decides to give the students an ultimatum that if they do a certain amount of extra assignments, their grade will be pulled up. This decision meets the students' demands, but not in the way they want it to be