Essay on Public Relations and Promotional Writing

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Public Relations and Promotional Writing
January 28, 2013

Established in 1988, Jeffery Hollender is the co-founder, executive chairperson, and chief-inspired protagonist of Seventh Generation. This company is an independent, privately-owned company in which focuses on preserving the natural air indoors and maintaining a clean environment without all the harsh chemicals of cleaning products. Seventh Generation has gone out of their way to create what is called the Seventh Generation Fund.
The Seventh Generation Fund is all about making a difference and creating a change on a global level. “Making a difference is important to all of us at Seventh Generation. We share the belief that business is one of the most powerful instruments for meaningful change on our planet, and we're particularly excited to announce the formation of The Seventh Generation Foundation.” ( They have spent the last twenty-five years supporting social change in a variety of areas which include environmental sustainability, human health, and women’s issues. The business has continued to live up to their name originated by the Great Law of the Iroquois which states “In our every deliberation, we should consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” ( This means that in everything we that we do, we should think about how it will affect the next seven generations that come after us in this life. The Fund has many things to offer and is involved in several grant programs. Business has continued to be a success for Seventh Generation not only because of the company’s sustainable products but their success in their public relations and social responsibilities. Sustainable grants as well as community-building grants are just a few of the things that this non-profit organization is involved in. The sustainable grants are awarded to the eligible organizations throughout the United States. Proposals for this program are considered by invitation only. The community-building grant is a local grant in which is available to eligible local-based organizations.
Seventh Generation is a brand based off public opinion as well as social need. It is impossible for Hollender to spend every waking moment at his office so as a leader; he needs to put time and effort into teaching others the ways of leadership. This is a great way to ensure that his company runs smoothly even in his absence. Every leader needs to be patient and a good teacher. This enables others to respect him as their boss and want to do the things that he does. Seventh Generation fulfills their business needs by making sure that their company works in an ethical manner and puts forth what they promise to provide. “I realized that Seventh Generation had something far more to offer than just helping the environment…according to the Environmental Protection Agency-the air at home is two to five times, on average, more polluted than outdoor air.” (Hollender)
“…We wanted to be sure that they had a solution that was authentic and sustainable.” (Cara Bondi, Research Chemist for Seventh Generation). The company’s goal was to provide those safe products that could be used daily that would still be harsh enough to kill everyday germs and bacteria. The turning point for the company was the difference between outdoor air and inside air according to EPA. But the company has fulfilled