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In order to understand our selves, we must first understand public relations. I find my self constantly drawn back to the subject of public relations. While it is becoming a hot topic for debate, several of todays most brilliant minds seem incapable of recognising its increasing relevance to understanding future generations. It is an unfortunate consequence of our civilizations history that public relations is rarely given rational consideration by the easily lead, whom I can say no more about due to legal restrictions. With the primary aim of demonstrating my considerable intellect I will now demonstrate the complexity of the many faceted issue that is public relations.

Social Factors

Society is our own everyday reality. When Lance Bandaner said 'twelve times I've traversed the ocean of youthful ambition but society still collects my foot prints' [1] he could have been making a reference to public relations, but probably not. A society without public relations is like a society without knowledge, in that it raises the question 'why?'

Special care must be taken when analysing such a delicate subject. On the other hand anyone that disagrees with me is an idiot. If society has a favourite child, it is public relations.

Economic Factors

There has been a great deal of discussion in the world of economics, centred on the value of public relations. Of course, public relations fits perfectly into the Lead-a-Duck-to-Water model, making allowances for recent changes in interest rates.

public relations

There are a number of reasons which may be attributed to this unquestionable correlation. Seemingly the market value of gold, ultimately decided by politicians, will always be heavily influenced by public relations due to its consistently high profile in the portfolio of investors. The financial press seems unable to make up its mind on