Public Relations Department Essay

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I personally loved the episode of Spin City we watched. It portrayed what people in public relations do, but in a funny way. In the book it constantly talks about how Public Relations is a job trying to manipulate how the public feels about a certain person or company. This was portrayed well in the episode because it was all about how the police department felt about the man/his staff in office. But in the big picture, it was all about the public being under the impression that everyone in authority over the town got along. The public relations department knew it was vital that they fix what the man in office said about the police department. In this episode of Spin City, I thought the plot of trying to get things right with the police department was a great example of public relations. In the book it calls situations like this “Crisis communication.” Although the problem in the episode wasn’t an extreme crisis, it as still something that had gone wrong and needed to be fixed. The man in office said something completely out of line, and it was something that needed to be “spun” back around into something good. The public relations head realized there was a “relational” problem, and he did everything he could to try and fix it. Although things got out of hand with the dog, the idea behind what he was trying to do was right. In the book it also talks about how there are three ways to get people to do what you want them to do. The way people in public relations achieve this is by