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At least two weeks prior to educational institution’s registration deadline, employee completes the following forms: Request for Tuition Advance/Reimbursement,
Payroll Deduction Authorization and Grade Report Authorization. The employee then forwards to Department Head. For Tuition Advancements, Tuition is paid directly to the College or University. For Tuition Advancements, An Invoice is required from the College or University stating all fees, tuition and book costs. If an invoice is not obtained, advancement will not be given.

Department Head

It is the Department Head’s responsibility to verify that the employee is eligible for tuition assistance and that the class schedule does not conflict with employee’s work schedule and requirements of his/her job. The Department Head reviews request, approves, completes and then forwards to City Administrator.

City Administrator

The City Administrator reviews request for approval and forwards all forms to the
Finance Department.

Finance Department

The Finance Department prepares voucher, obtains required signature on voucher, processes payment and forwards check to employee if for reimbursement or to the
College or University, if for advancement.



The Institution/Employee submits original course grades (i.e.,
Diplomas, certificates, or grades) to Supervisor, a copy can be made at that time. No copies shall be turned in to Finance as part of backup for grades, an authorized school transcript must be attached to paperwork.


__________________________________________ (“Employee”) wishes to pursue educational opportunities pursuant to the City of Orangeburg’s (“City’s”) Tuition Reimbursement Program (the “Program”), hereby applies for assistance through the Program and agrees to the terms of the Program and, in particular, agrees among other things, to the conditions and means of repayment as set forth below.
1. Tuition will be advanced/reimbursed (circle one) at seventy percent (70%.) An employee can only receive tuition reimbursement for up to 130 credit hours. If advanced grades to be received by
______________________________(no later than four (4) weeks after completion of class). Payment will be made to the College or University if tuition is advanced. No additional monies will be distributed until grades are received from prior distribution.
2. In the event Employee terminates employment with the City for any reason, all tuition advanced for course not yet completed shall become immediately due and payable, as per Employee’s Deduction
Authorization, attached hereto as Attachment 1. In the event Employee voluntarily terminates employment with the City within three months of completing course(s), all tuition advanced shall become immediately due and payable as per Employee’s Deduction Authorization, attached hereto as Attachment 1. There will be no repayment obligation if the course is completed three months prior to an employee voluntarily terminating employment.
Reports of Status Changes - Grades
3. Employee shall promptly report to the City any and all changes in Employee’s enrollment status in any individual course or overall course of study and shall promptly report and provide certified copies of final grade reports for all courses for which the City has advanced tuition fees. Employee shall sign a Grade
Report Authorization, attached hereto as Attachment 2, to enable the City to be a direct recipient of those grade reports. If the school honors that authorization and sends an original transcript of grades directly to the City, the Employee’s obligation to report grades will have been met.
4. Employee certifies that by signing this agreement