Essay about Public School and Special Needs

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B1. There are many benefits for a child with disabilities or special needs when a setting has an inclusive approach. 'Inclusive child care can be beneficial, both for the child with a special need and for the other children in the inclusion classroom' (Extension 2013). Having an exclusive practice allows the children to observe and with other children their age, it gives them the opportunity to take part in challenging activities, it allows the child to learn at their own pace in an supportive environment, it also allows the child to build relationships with other students and staff. Having an inclusive approach and allowing children to interact with a special needs child can also benefit the children without special needs as they can learn more about the special needs and can help increase the acceptance and appreciation of the individual difference. 'Children of all ages lean to appreciate diversity in others' (Inclusive childcare program n.d) Having specialised equipment and resources can also tribute to an inclusive approach because without specialised equipment some children with special needs may not be able to learn or even attend school. For example a child in a ramp would require a ramp to get into school, lifts to get around and wider corridors with nothing blocking the way. Without this equipment the child may struggle getting to and getting around school, so may not be able to attend certain lessons or go outside as there is no ramp which is not being inclusive. Giving children additional support and bringing in professionals also tributes to an inclusive approach as it can give all the children the opportunity to learn no matter their ability. For example a child with autism may need professional support in order to learn to the best of their ability. A child with dyslexia may also need additional support as they can easily get confused and not understand something properly so may require extra help in order for them to reach their full potential. Being inclusive involves settings having partnership with parents and carers as it can help practitioners care nd teach the children to the best of their ability as they will know everything they need to know about the child. Having skilled staff is also important as practitioners need to know how to teach, care for, and include children with special needs. Staff can get help from SENCO which can provide training and advice.

C1. There are many types of support available to parents and practitioners for children with special needs whether they'd be private, statutory and voluntary services and there are many benefits of these. Private services are run by an individual and not the government. Private services can be anything from a private nursery, a fostering agency .e.g. TLC Fostering Wales etc. Private schools and nurseries are generally open early to late and are open during schools holidays. Staff are able to form a closer bond with the children and the classrooms are generally smaller so the child can get more help from the teacher if needed then they would in a big classroom. Setting have more money so they can afford to buy more adequate resources and equipment. However private services can be quite expensive and there may not be any in your area so may need to