Public Service Announcement and Young Adults Essay

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Walking around you start to notice how you really never see people’s faces anymore. They are buried into their phones while they are surfing the web or looking up the new gossip on twitter. This is more with the teenagers and young adults. Many incidents have been popping up due to this and it is really becoming an issue we need to face. A Public Service Announcement may not be that effective when reducing the number of distracted driver incidents, because teenagers like to believe that nothing can happen to them. But, on the other hand, public service announcements do have many ways of getting out there for people to see. Reasons why a PSA won’t work is because they don’t reach everyone. Teenagers think they know it all so when they see things they think “That’s not me.” No matter what they can’t get hurt. It’s not until it happens to them or someone close to them, that they start to realize. So instead of using a PSA that we hope that people see our message, we set consequences so people must see them. We have grown up on consequences all our life. You did something wrong as a child you would get time out. You didn’t follow a rule in school you got detention. People, especially teenagers don’t like giving up things. That’s why instead of a PSA there should be more dramatic ways of taking caution. As said above how PSA’s won’t get around to the whole population because of the fact that there are so many Social Medias. Teenagers may not watch the television anymore and see the announcement, instead they are…