Public Services Skills Essay

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Public Services Skills – Assignment 1
Public Services skills is a list of skills and competences used in public services careers.
Public Service Skills
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Professional and personal skills
• Punctuality/timekeeping
• Pride of Appearance
• Behaviour
• Discipline
• Problem Solving
• Cooperation
• Conflict Management
Communication skills are important because they are the main section for working in uniform public services. You are trained these skills as soon as you start basic training and placed in different types of communication such as verbal communication
E.g. shouting to get someone’s attention, non-verbal communication e.g. body or sign language and visual communication e.g. writing or drawing picture to get your message across.
Punctuality is important to uniformed public services because being on time and not being late sets a good example for you by other staff members and also means you will have extra time in your career for unexpected circumstances. Punctuality is a basic skill you are expected to have when you join a uniformed public service and also if your life was ever at stake or the life of others.
Pride of appearance is a very important skill when joining a public service because you want to make a good first impression to the public and this can be by improving your shoes on a day to day basis and making sure your uniform is clean and ironed properly, cleanliness is also important so washing your hair, having a shower or a bath and also a shave. Having done all this and having a smart uniform shows that you have pride in your job and show your position in society.

The police have teams for help and maintain. There are many types of departments within the police departments of the police include teams of people which have a variety of roles to play. A team work together