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Did you know that one hamburger contains meat from 50-100 different cattle? This unfortunate, but truthful statistic, is just an example of how unhealthy and unsanitary the meat industry really is. When I asked you guys if you ate meat most of you . After being a vegetarian for six years, spending a lot of time on my grandpa's farm growing up, and doing extensive research on the subject, I want to encourage all of you to sign my petition asking Sodexo to have a meat-free day once a week.

II. Step two (Need) A. So why is eating as much meat as humans do a problem? It is our social responsibility to decrease our intake of meat for both moral and environmental reasons. B. Negative Visualization (Step four) Several cases have been made advocating animal rights over the years, but I won't talk about how animals have high intelligence levels and can feel and experience pain. While all of this is true, I'm sure you have heard it before. Although I feel that eating animals in general is wrong, I will focus instead on how the animals are treated at farms. When most of us think of a farm, we probably picture (visual number 1). However, because 99% of farms today are factory farms almost all farms more closely resemble (visual aid 2). For those unfamiliar with the term, factory farming is the process of raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density where a farm operates as a business. As a corporate business, rather than a family owned farm,…