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Marcos Montesano
December 6, 2014
Public Speaking
Famous Speeches Assignment

To begin analyzing all the speeches, the first speech I watched was “Miss Utah Answers Educational Questions”, overall the whole speech was very poor and I am truly disappointed by it. They asked her a question and she barely processed the information that was being asked. A lady asked her that a study showed that women were the primary earners, yet men still made more money that women did, what does this statistic say about society? Her answer was terrible. She did not comprehend the question or have any supporting ideas. She was coherent because she did not answer the question that was asked, she answered a questions that had nothing to do with the question.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (with intro by President John Hennessey)/ Stanford University was overall very average and it has its pros and cons. John Hennessey took way to long to introduce Steve Jobs. He mentioned Steve Jobs all about Steve Jobs background. Mentioning his early days, his jobs, and education. John Hennessey stating way too much about Steve Jobs almost felt like Steve Jobs would not have anything to say to the graduates. Once Steve Jobs spoke, he restated a lot of what John Hennessey, just with more detail. I’m sure the audience would have had giving the speech more importance if it was Steve Jobs mentioning his own details, rather than John stating everything for him. The president of Stanford John Hennessey did mention the importance of the guest that have presented before a commencement speech for Stanford university, which that is a very good thing. In a commencement speech, aside from life lessons and giving important words, the most important thing is to congratulate the audience, yet Steve Jobs failed to do so. There are also certain parts of the speech where he lacked eye contact with the audience. Over all these two speeches had many mistakes, but Steve Jobs still managed to inspire the graduates by telling them personal stories and to always strive for what they believe in.

The third speech is Elizabeth Taylor receiving the Jean Hersholt humanitarian award. Angela Landsbury is the person that introduces Elizabeth Taylor to this award. She introduced her in a very special way because they were friends for many years, so this involved many personal feelings. Angela Landsburry uses many metaphors in a very positive way to get the audience to understanding the amazing woman that Elizabeth Taylor is. Her introduction speech was not written, so her eye contact was very good. Also, her introduction speech was said in a very good rhythm and it was not long, so the audience did not get bored. Elizabeth Taylor starts her acceptance speech by thanking the people several times. She states the importance of her award by saying that it is the highest possible accolade that she could receive from her peers. She acknowledges the people in Hollywood that have helped many others. She finishes her speech by asking the audience for help to prove that love outweighs hate and to treat others with kindness, dignity and respect. The next speech is Ted Kennedy Speaks of New World Society at RFK’s Funeral/Freedom. Over all this eulogy speech is very good. Despite showing some emotion towards the end of the speech, the speech was very well written and spoken. Ted Kennedy relates the person to the audience almost like if the audience was Robert F. Kennedys brother. Ted Kennedy mentioned many