Public Speaking Self-Reflection

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Public Speaking Self-Reflection
July 08, 2013
Vandye Forrester

Public Speaking Self-Reflection The first assignment for this class was to create a 2 minute informative, persuasive or entertaining presentation. I chose the topic of a sales pitch for a new video game for my presentation. Putting this together was quite challenging, even though I physically did not have a audience present. It felt quite unnerving which lead to me doing this presentation about 15 times before I was comfortable enough to make my submission selection. Many could dispute the fact that this was just an audio recording presentation which should ease the enormous pressure of public speaking, however it was quite challenging and bit intimidating. It is completely different when speak to group or crowd and not being able to hear your voice, however audio presentation you get the opportunity to record and hit playback and hearing my voice on the other end intimidated me but on the other hand it gave me the opportunity to hear what it is that I needed to work on or improve. After receiving a feedback from my professor, his expertise response made me feel much better bout this presentation than I originally thought. I am aware there is always rooms for improvement and things I need to learn. I had both verbal and non verbal anxiety moments. At some points I would pause when I became flustered or sometimes I would stutter over my words. These anxiety signs was not related to me forgetting my speech or lost my way through a script. I actually