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Practical marketing

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Marketing refers to sells, customers, retailers, promotions, recognition, advertising, reputation and etc. market is a tool which used to builds the relationship between customers and supplier. As education is a significant part of any society, and education publishing is big business. This report will take the education publisher as an example and mainly talk about the various factors which influence the educational publisher and the consumer.

2. Market industry analysis
Firstly, the industry analysis is an effective way to analyze the publishing industry deeply. Businesses in this industry include the publishing of books in print, electronic or audio form on the Internet, and it also includes all books, leaflets and maps concerning education. Actually, there are thousands of educational publishers among the world which can be divided into three parts: larger publishers, independent publisher and very small publisher. It is difficult for small new entrants to get into the existing publishing industry because of the following reasons. The entry barriers are obvious as the market is sophisticated and the capital requirement is very large for new entrants. However, it cannot be denied that the e-book and online learning are regarded as the new threat of the existing publisher. As a result, many leading book publisher chose to invest great amount of capital into electronic books and interactive learning experience. Take the giant publisher Pearson as an example, it not only provide the market with paper textbook, but also publish media software in order to help students to learn. In fact, Pearson is also success in other areas, as it owns Penguin which is the world’s second largest trade publisher and Penguin partnered with Apple to launch iBooks along with the Ipad.
Another factor which will influence the existing competitors is the printing cost. Printing costs were assumed as the highest expenditure among the industry, while high proportion of expenditure to advertising is