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Pucks diary – English Homework
I hate seeing Titania and Oberon fighting, all day they have been shouting at each other, just because of a changling boy that was given too Titania, when his mother died – So doesn’t that make it Titania’s child? I don’t know I am Oberon’s (the kings) servant after all. Whilst they have been fighting Titania’s fairies and I have just been ignoring their calls as we don’t really want to get involved. The whole situation is getting me quite upset as they are great lovers at heart but they never show it too each other, if this keeps happening I’m going to have to step in! Even though Oberon is fighting with titanic he normally always does something because of a good reason so I wonder why he is trying to take the changling? Oh…Wait does he want a new servant I thought I was a good fairy I always do what he asks of me
Just after I stopped writing Oberon summoned me and we flew off together into the mist. As flying too his bass we saw two Athenians the man was shouting and being so rude to the other woman, with the goodness in him he wanted me to fix their love! Without question he sent me too the farthest mountain to collect the rarest flower, the most magical flower off all Love-in-idleness – it was created when cupid shot a white flower with one off his arrow which gave it its powers of love at first sight. It took me a while to fight though the rain, snow and overall coldness but as I arrived at the tallest mountain peek I saw the flower in its full beauty it was shining different coulers with a radiant glow. I flew closer a picked the flower off its steam. Suddenly as it was detached the steam turned black and withered down, I quickly flew away as I realised I shouldn’t off picked it!
When I gave the flower to Oberon he quickly put the juice into a bottle and sent me on my way with 5 words, ‘The Athenian man must love ‘So that’s what I did. I crept into the forest as they were sleeping and found the two Athenians, they were sleeping. Quickly I dropped the liquid into the man’s eye and Tipp toed away – done!

Unfortunately for me Oberon wasn’t that pleased when he saw what I had done. Apparently the man that I drugged wasn’t the one I was supposed too, AHHH how am I surpassed too know that, it’s going to be so hard to fix their relationships now, hopefully master will do it for me as I can’t... and he properly doesn’t want me anymore 
Within all the relationship problems between