Pueblo: Southwestern United States and Pueblo People Essay

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The Pueblo people are a native American tribe in the Southwestern area of the united states. Their name Pueblo is not their actual names but, a common word for “village,” or “community,” in Spanish. The Pueblo jobs, homes, and foods are great inventions and well-known to history. They are the most famous and different to other tribes during that era. The Pueblo was probably the best farmers in the Southwest. First of all, they were able to grow corn and “Three sisters”, (beans, Squash, and corn), which was not an easy task because the Southwest is a very dry area and not much water to drink or use. So, The Pueblos made a irrigation system starting from the mountains with canals and dams to help with the water flow. They saved a lot of their water in case there was a drought or little chance of rain during the season. Their most popular meal was Indian corn. It’s no different from what we eat today, however, they came in several distinctive colors. The Indians planted many crops despite the weather and lack of resources.
The Pueblo, lived in caves underground built in a semicircular format. These shelter were mostly built on cliffs that had doorways which lead to the neighboring person or family. The case top was used for a roof for the shelters within the cave. Living in clay, adobe, homes gave the Pueblos a big advantage. It also made the Pueblo people be more alert living in a harsh environment by learning survival. The clay homes helped keep cool during the day and release the cool at night. The Pueblo lived in clay homes that had became a big invention of the time. The