Puertorican Food Draft Essay

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Yeisa Grajales
Eng. 051
How to Make Rice with Pigeon Peas and Ribs
Puerto Rican food is part of my Hispanic culture. In the history of Puerto Rico, our food has been influenced by the “tainos” or native Indians, Africans and Spanish people from Spain who were living together in the island many years ago and where mixed in the past.
When I was a child my mom always used to cook rice, with pigeon peas, and ribs and that’s why this is my favorite dish. I remember always wanting rice because it tasted good and because of the smell. Different types of recipes with rice are the main dishes on the island. Rice with pigeon peas and ribs is the best Puerto Rican recipe.
In order to make a good yellow rice with pigeon peas and ribs, we need to be sure that we have all the right ingredients and utensils. Also, we need to make sure to put the stove on high in the beginning and on low at the end when cooking the rice. First we need to use a “caldero” or a cauldron (a big pot). We have to put some oil, water and salt in the pot. We have to boil all these ingredients together and we add two spoons of “sofrito”. We make “sofrito” by mixing grounded onions, green peppers, sweet peppers, “cilantro”, and garlic. When all the ingredients are boiled, we have to put a can of pigeon peas, two small cubes of chicken, and some small pieces of rib meat. A small packet of seasoning or “sazon” Goya will be added and will give the rice a yellow color. After that, we…