Pulling The Trigger on Yourself Essay

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Pulling The Trigger on Yourself
Composition 1
Pulling The Trigger on Yourself
Killing; A gun's one function is to kill. Guns are lethal weapons. “In 2010, guns took the lives of 31,076 Americans in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings. This is the equivalent of more than 85 deaths each day and more than three deaths each hour” (The Law Center. 2012). Guns have a negative effect on the public as it has brought up hospitals bills, crimes, death rates and suicides. Crime and death rates increased as the number of guns being carried increased. Our right to bear arms has been misused under pretenses such as hunting, and sporting, which has caused an increase in crime, and gang related deaths, accidental deaths, and suicides.
Gun Debate
Over the years, there a number of different debates discussing guns. Guns have been a major topic because of the cons and pros they have on the public. The main piece brought up during these gun debates are the Second Amendment and the gun sports. The NRA makes millions of dollars from the selling of guns. The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms which also allows such sports like hunting to be possible. On the other hand, others will say that the Second Amendment has made it possible for gangs to become more powerful, higher death rates, more suicides, more homicides and more robberies. When looking at the statistics, it is no denying that guns have more cons than pros.

“Facing The Bullet”
Collateral Damage. To begin the first assumption of using guns are that they are for protection from various crimes. But as stated by Williams, “In a robbery, the defender is, unfortunately more likely to be injured or even killed if the offender has a gun, regardless if the defender has one or not” (Williams. 2005). Thousands of people have injured themselves or others in the process of "self-defense". Using a gun without training or knowledge of the gun can end in bodily harm or a deadly result. Most states do not require any per-training before obtaining a gun. All in which supports the argument against guns. Easy Access. In addition, guns have become at reach for easy access to anyone. You can buy a gun at any gun store and not be put through a background check. Anyone with any medical history or illness is able to obtain a gun without a background check. Without doing so leads to guns being put in the wrong hands. When a person receives a gun who has anger problems then he or she can you use this gun "in the heat of the moment" that ends in death of someone else or himself. Guns are being sold illegally for cheaper prices on the streets to anyone with the right price. Guns from simple handguns like a pistol to AK-47 s and Desert Eagles. So there are guns in every store and nearly every home. This also makes it easier for delinquents and young children to get a hold of. Delinquents get a hold of these guns and form gangs or commit crimes. When put in the reach of young children, it puts them at extremely high risk of having a deadly accident. All in which supports the argument against guns.

Accidents. According to the Law Center, People of all age groups are all affected by guns. People of all ages can be injured unintentional from guns. States with more guns have a higher accidents occurring. On average, states with the highest gun levels had nine times the rate of unintentional firearms deaths compared to states with the lowest gun levels. Accidents happen all the time. Some cannot be avoided while others can. There are several amounts of accidents have occurred that are gun-related. Guns cause accidents. This is why they need to be banned. Not having guns around in the first place would resolve the issue altogether. After all the accidents, higher crimes and suicides the death rate rises. “Every year, more than two thousand people die in the United States from gun-related injuries. The population groups most affected by these avoidable deaths