Pullman's Ideolgy in Northern Lights Essay

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Children’s literature has become one of the major branches of literature. The first literature written specifically for children was intended to instruct them. Critics who study children's literature have found that what is viewed as appropriate reading for children adheres closely to a culture's notion of what a child is a notion that may change considerably from time to time. In the 18th and early 19th Centuries John Newbery - an English author and bookseller- , was the first publisher to dedicate himself to publishing for children. Newbery began to produce a series of chapbooks especially for children, starting with a little Pretty Pocket- Book (1744). He published this book with the motto 'Instruction with Delight'. He was influenced …show more content…
Starting by love , Friends love theme is suitable for children. It is also appropriate to children's age. It teach them loyalty and faithfulness. This theme may be a positive point in the novel. Betrayal is another theme in the novel. I consider the subject of betrayal as a theme for adults. children's do not know what is betrayal or how to be. Pullman in this novel steals children's innocence by introducing them on larger themes. For example, both Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter betray Lyra in order to help themselves. They lie about who they are and Lord Asriel kills lyra's friend Roger. Children is thought through the novel that betrayal is used to obtain power.

Religion in Northern Lights is powerful theme which is unlike to be a children's theme. In this point Pullman is criticizing the church. He is an atheist whose critical views of religion and atheism make their way into his novels. Pullman send his ideas through the character of lord Asriel. The main goal of the characters is to rebel against the Authority. Pullman suggest that all humans must be free no one controlling them even god or church. Through Lord Asriel Pullman said that all thinking beings are allowed to choose the course of their own lives. The novel shows us the frightening truth about what could happen when religion takes over, and how power can be misused. Northern Lights show us that when power is misused, science can be