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Five Year Marketing Plan

Coca-Cola Company

Table of Contents

1. Company Description

Coca Cola is one of the largest beverage producing companies of the world with established markets in more than 200 countries. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The influence of the company can be seen by the fact that it has more than 500 brands in the market which covers sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, juices and juice drinks. They have an immensely dedicated distribution system which helps them in appropriately distribute their products to more than 200 countries all over the world. The company serves around 1.8 billion people per day from all across the world (Google Finance, 2012).

The company is completely focused on producing concentrate which is then transferred to the bottling partners of the company where the concentrate and other required liquids are filled up in the bottles and cans. After this process the bottles are sent to the retailers and other sellers who sell them to the end customers. The company is committed towards following this process which helps in preserving the environment and provides a healthy working environment for the company’s employees to work. This not only helps them in retaining the best talent available in the market but also helps in greater and improved production levels for their products which further enhance the economic development of the communities in which the company operates.

This marketing plan will outline the company strategies to grow in financial ranking, customer base, and maintain its competitive advantage. This plan will also introduce a new product, the Coca-Cola variety pack, as a product that will help reach the goals summarized.

2. Strategic Focus and Plan

As Coca-Cola nears its 125th anniversary they are celebrating the reason behind their success, their customers. Coca-Cola has been a leading competitor in the beverage industry for almost 125 years. . Their dedication to research and development has made them a leader among the soft drink industry. Coca-Cola’s mission is to: 1) “To refresh the world – in mind, body, and sprit” 2) “To inspire moments of optimism – through our brands and actions” 3) “To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage” (Coca-Cola Company, 2013). Coca-Cola realizes for their company to be successful they need to meet the needs of the costumer, inspire people to come up with new ideas, and do their best to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.


Coca-Cola’s mission is to have strong leadership, passion for their products, integrity to be honest with those they serve, accountability for their products, collaboration with others, to be the leader in innovation, and to have the best quality products on the market. Coca-Cola also wants to provide a great workplace for its employees, “maximizing return for shareholders, bring the world a portfolio of beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs” (Coca-Cola Company, 2013). Coca-Cola’s core concepts have been providing new ideas for their products for almost 125 years. Coca-Cola believes that to remain a leader within the beverage industry, they will need to change with the world around them. This means looking ahead and understanding the changes needed for shaping the future of the company. Coca-Cola is dedicated to its consumers, employees, the environment, and the communities in which they live.


Within the next five years Coca-Cola seeks to achieve the following financial and non-financial goals:

• Non-Financial

1. To boost overall sales by 15% during months May thru September by implementing a promotional Summer Variety Pack.

2. To increase sell-thru of all product offerings in big box stores.

3. To maintain position as the number one brand for soft drinks on the market.

4. To obtain premium shelf and floor