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Punishment Research Paper

October 6, 2013


Punishment Research Paper
As we all know, in our American society there’s four types of punishments. They are; Retribution, Deterrence, Rehabilitation, and Social Protection. In our society we use these four punishments in attempt to help lower the crime rates within the society. When looking at the outcome of these punishments, one would consider some are harder than others.
As written in the early bible years, there’s a phrase that say’s “An eye for an eye”
There for set the first punishment in place, and it was call Retribution Punishment. Back in that time and period, a crime was only seen as against society, but it was against the will of GOD, if one would commit a crime. Society believes that if a person commits a crime that was harsh, and thinkable, then their punishment should be a reflection of that crime. For example; if someone stole something then their punishment would be the cutting of theirs fingers off or their entire hand. Since committing such a crime that’s against the law of the lord, and the society, then they had to stuffer such harsh punishment as this. Although you would think if word got around of such a punishment like this, then one would not commit a crime, but this type of punishment did not change the mindset of the people, Although this type of punishment is not used in today’s time, retribution was set in place to help the society to gain closure if such a harsh crime was committed
Next would be Deterrence Punishment. This punishment was set into place, in attempt to discourage a crime by punishment. This punishment was set in place to teach a criminal not to do that crime again. For example; many people feel they can commit a crime and get away with it, for my oldest son is one. He’s in high school and trying to fit in, and with doing this he skips class, not one time but twice. So he finally got caught and to teach him not to do this he was place in detention, and was not allow to go the school dance. So as we can see this punishment is not just for adults, but is for children as well. Because just as this example detention is not the only punishment they can receive, they can receive a suspension, which would place them out of school for some days, but this type of punishment comes along if the action of the children harder and not just skipping class. But as for adults and children this type of punishment can either help them or not, and if not maybe one can seek rehabilitation,, which falls into our next punishment.
Rehabilitation is an individual seeking higher help, in order to receive the proper help they need. So Rehabilitation was put into place, too help the offenders, such as drug addicts, or an alcoholic are just a few to name. If one was to keep coming before a judge that was a drug addict, the judge may order him or her to seek a rehabilitation center in order to gain help instead of spending time in jail. It’s now that if you change ones living environment, then you may be able to reach that person as well being able to help that person to overcome the addiction of drugs, alcoholic, etc. Rehabilitation is also known as the positive , and forgiving punishment there is, due to being able to give a someone a second chance to life, as well as being able to allow them to seek the help they need.
Social Protection is the last of the punishments. This punishment is favored by our society, which would place the criminals temporarily or permanently behind bars, it also allow the criminal to being able to get a second chance in life, although this punishment is something like Rehabilitation, with gaining a second chance to life, the criminal is not allowed to be free, there time in prison may be a smaller sentences, than a long sentence, or there time may be permanently, either way it goes this could be made to help teach the person the consequences of breaking the law. As for the person that commits a…