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Task 4 – compare aims and objectives of different businesses. (m1)McDonald’s corporate aims are:
McDonalds’s corporate goals in the UK are to increase market share and profitability, to contribute socially and economically to the UK, and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
This is achieved boy there employees giving good customer service doing recycling to contribute economically and advertising there products to contribute socially.
McDonalds are in the private sector.
The private sector consists of business activity that is owned, financed and run by private individuals. These businesses can be small firms owned by only one person, or large multi-national businesses that operate around the world (globally). In the case of large businesses, there might be many thousands of owners involved. The goal of businesses in the private sector is to make profit.
How much profit? How many sales
Is the business in private or public sector? Private sector because people buy the company and run it privately.
It benefits from a franchise because they gain profit and because they open more businesses around the world.
What do you think is the main objective of the organization you have chosen? To achieve 100% satisfaction from all of its customers. Also they want to get as much profit as possible.who do you think owns the business you have chosen? Lots of different people, because McDonalds is a franchise business. McDonalds is also as PLC.
How do you think the business chosen decide how much to charge for the good service they are providing? They charge more money for profit because they want as much profit as possible.
South Gloucestershire County Council - Community Sport and Active Lifestyles aim;
South gloss aim is to promote participation and opportunities in all areas of sport and physical activity. In simple terms we want more people taking part be they playing, coaching or working as an organiser of sport or local activity.
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