Puppy Bowl Analysis Essay

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Yukari Kristine Nishi

Loyal Viewers <13.5 million last year>
Long history of success
The show has a great purpose = adoption
Animal Planet Show - Well respected broadcast channel Partnership with local shelters and animal welfare groups across the country
Uber partnership
Sponsored by GEICO, Subaru, and Pedigree
Has a variety of animals on the show


• Aired on the same day as the traditional sport day - Super Bowl Sunday
• Advertisement is hard to compete against the
Super Bowl commercials/ads
• Only once a year - difficult to keep the audience engaged until the day of the Puppy Bowl
• Specific target audience - animal lovers


• Creates a connection for adoption - great cause
• Movies in theaters were opened the Friday so it may attract more viewers who are interested before the game - Project Almanac / Black &
- e.g. family
• Raising awareness
• Super Bowl Viewers / Advertisement
• Sponsorship may increase because of the positive reputation the show has.
• Aired even during the game - viewers may watch it during the commercial of Super Bowl

Strategic Implications
Since the Puppy Bowl has a long-held history and many loyal viewers, I believe it would be a good idea to try expanding their cause by engaging current and new viewers through social media, especially throughout the time leading up to the day Puppy Bowl is aired.
New Sponsors:
1. Petsmart - A retail chain for pet supplies, also supports pet adoption at their store.
2. Petfinder - Pet adoption organization, based on their online website.
3. Meow Mix - Pedigree is a dog food company already sponsoring PB, Meow Mix could be the sponsor from the cat food field.
4. Moo Shoes - a cruelty free shoe store, helps cat adoption at several of their stores.
 http://www.mooshoes.com/about-mooshoes/ Top 15 Facts Tweets:
1. Dogs have amazing ability to smell, it even helps detect cancer in the human body! http:// aol.it/1qMnY0p #PuppyBowlXI #Puppyfacts 

Yukari Kristine Nishi
2. Studies show a clear correlation between people’s personalities and type of dogs they own! http://bit.ly/1dcz0S4 #PuppyBowlXI #Puppyfacts 

3. All he wants is a belly rub! Petting your dog lowers heart rate & blood pressure! http://bit.ly/
1dcz0S4 #PuppyBowlXI #Puppyfacts #bellyrubs 

4. Happy puppy, happy life! Dog owners are less like to get depression compared to non-pet owners. http://bit.ly/1dcz0S4 #PBXI #Puppyfacts 

5. 72% of American households, that's 82.5 MILLION households has a pet in their family! http://bit.ly/1uGzEAe #PBXI #Puppyfacts

6. Every year 5 - 7 million pets enter animal shelters, 3 - 4 million are euthanized. http://bit.ly/
1uGzEAe #PBXI #Puppyfacts #Giveahome #Adopt

7. Studies show cat owners are 30% less likely to get a heart attack compared to non-cat