Flying To My Goals

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Flying to my Goals
From the first time I was in the cockpit of an airplane, I knew that I wanted to fly. Not only has my own research and experience guided me to my goals, but also my father and grandfather provided me inspiration. Purdue University will help me to my goal by giving me the experience and opportunities for becoming an airline pilot. Aviation has always been a passion of mine and by gaining admission to Purdue University, I am seeking to attend a university that will give me the most opportunities to become a commercial airline pilot.
My grandfather, who was a private pilot, and my father, who owns a travel agency have taught me much of the knowledge I have of airplanes. My grandfather flew on almost every type of plane from the supersonic Concorde to a small single engine Cessna 152 and has spent hours talking to me about aviation. He has shared with me his knowledge of planes from pre-World War II up to the latest planes of today, as well as many stories and experiences of his flying days. Since my father turned his love of aviation into a career in the travel business, my family and I have always been privileged to fly many times to many different places. On several occasions as a child, the pilot invited me to the cockpit and I was able to see all the controls and gauges that were used to fly the airplane. Now any time I fly, I know almost everything about the plane itself and what airline the plane flies for. Both my father and grandfather have both greatly contributed to my interest in becoming a pilot. During the course of my time flying in airplanes, I have experienced almost everything from aborted takeoffs to emergency landings. After going through each of these incidents, I would spend hours researching why each incident occurred. I have also used different flight simulators to gain more knowledge of the different instruments in a plane and how to use them. Every time I board a plane, I learn more and more and my interest and curiosity of flying continues to grow. I am currently taking flying lessons so that I can have firsthand flying experience in a plane, and eventually move onto commercial aircraft. I have motivated myself to become a pilot in various ways. Purdue University will give me a great education and experience in the cockpit that no other college or university can offer. At Purdue, I can add on to my