Puritan Cultural Diversity

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“...[Of] those who tried to keep immigrants out of the United States will romanticize the immigrants, will begin to see the immigrant as the figure who teaches us most about what it means to be an American” (Rodriguez 12). So what is it be an American? Unlike many countries in the world, there is no single race that defines a person as an ‘American.’ Why is this? It is because this country was founded by those who came for religious freedoms and continues to be a country that people immigrate to. Almost four centuries after the first Puritans set foot in North America, immigration and the controversial subject that surrounds it is still debated throughout the American media and policies. So whether it be from religious freedoms, a sense of security, or the cultural diversity that people bring over, the lives of the American people have changed through the topic of immigration and what it means to be an American.
On November 11, 1620, people known now as the
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When people immigrate to this country, they bring over their culture, whether it be from the foods they eat to what they do on certain holidays. The United States has always been a diverse country since its founding. Whether it be from the Puritans who escaped from religious persecution to the French and Spanish colonists who settled, the United States began with a diverse set of people and cultures (Diversity). Although many were white male Europeans, the cultures still varied from each group of people. The only way for these people to have come to America and help give America the cultural diversity it has today would be through immigration. Just on this alone would have had a large impact on how immigration has influenced the United States. So whether it be from the groups of people who came to America in the beginning to the people who immigrate to the country now, the diversity they bring over influences