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English 241
November 08, 2013
Assignment #5 “The Fall of The House of Usher” by Allen Poe is an example of a gothic tale. Gothic tale is a genre or mode of literature that combines elements of both horror and romance. The story is taking place in a decayed house but its structure is strong. The narrator mention that that house owned by the Usher family for a long time. The narrator tells the story about his sick boyhood friend, Roderick, and his sister, Madeline. The characters in the story are scary and wired, the Usher family, and that was part of the write style to make the reader get involve and be part of the story while reading. The narrator goes on and describes what happen to his in his friend house. The story reaches its climax when the narrator hears the wired sounds in the house and when Roderick prediction come try. When the door opens Madeline was there and she was full of blood. The reader is left with question is the narrator going to die or he will survive? Luckily he survived and the house clapped in its footprint. Poe’s story is definitely a new American form of literature. If we look at the history of the American writers, we see that it starts with the puritans making the bible the center of their lives. We see that in Winthrop, Bradford, and all the puritans’ writers. Then they evolve to the era of reasoning with Franklin, Jefferson, and Thomas pain. The next step of the evolution is imagination. Early puritans believed that Satan and…