Essay about Puritan Life

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Ashley Jackson
History 131
Dear Diary, New England is not living for the Lord as us Puritans do. I feel as though it is my duty to help them get on the right track. Not living for God is the biggest sin that anyone could commit. My life consists of doing God’s work. I am a woman, so that restricts me from doing manly duties such as participating in town meetings and making decisions in the church. Church is mandatory for all of us Puritans, if we miss church regularly, we will be fined. At church, there is a man who walks around with a long pole that has feathers on the end…if anyone decides to fall asleep he tickles their chins with it. It is a little humorous, but I try not to laugh because that is not God’s will. If anyone tends to stray from the Lord’s word, they are punished harshly, and if anyone chooses a different faith, they are hung in the Boston Common. Adulterer’s are forced to wear a scarlet “A” so that others will know what sin they have committed (Puritan).
I seem to be making this out to sound bad about us. We do tell stories and sing songs and dance. We have festivals every now and then. We also drink wine and our children are allowed to play games (with our permission of course). It’s just that our man rule is to follow God’s law (Puritan). The state does not control the church, which seems to be giving us some sort of advantage because we may be able to gain control through the church. I have many ideas on how we can do this, but I don’t have much