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Rationalist and Puritans are two groups that were founded in the 1700s that have relevance in today’s society. Both groups have similar values and beliefs about human life. The main difference between the two is that Rationalist believes in logic and reason to find truth while the Puritans believe in God to find truth. Both groups believe in hard work and self-reliance. Both groups are extremely similar but completely different and not because of their different beliefs but the complexity of each group in a whole. Some puritans, such as Mary Rowlandson, believe in God as there only way out or their way to find truth. The Bible also is what provides them with their answers. For example on page 37 she references herself to a story in the bible. This story helped her find reason in why things were happening and how she would get out of the situation she was in. also she would believe that anything good that happened to her was God just giving her a break or a relive from her struggles (pg 41). Now in today’s society things still happen this way. If people are in a tough situation they tend to turn to religion for answers and guidance the same way Mary Rowlandson did when she was taken captive by the Natives. Rationalist on the other hand believes in logic and reason to find truth. On page 70, Benjamin Franklin list a lot of core value of Rationalist. Benjamin Franklin believed that if people had these certain traits or values they would be destined to succeed (pg 71). But the two groups are not so different. Both groups have similar values and beliefs. One of those values is honor hard work. Both believe that hard work will help you succeed in life. Benjamin Franklin mentions how he studied all the time to help him get to where he got in life, that and following the list of values that someone should have (page 70). Both Rationalist and Puritan values are seen in today. For example, schools believe if students work hard and go to college we will lead a successful life. Some people believe that if we pray and read the Bible we will find truth in our