Puritanism In The Crucible

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Puritanism was a religious reform movement that consisted of people who wanted to purify the church or make it a lot holier than it already was. The characters in The Crucible are affected by Puritanism in a big way. Everything they do has to do with their beliefs of Puritanism, for example, the way they dress, their punishments, what they believe in, etc. The characters in The Scarlet Letter are affected by Puritanism, but not as greatly as in The Crucible. The Scarlet Letter has to do with Puritanism, for example, in the way that they look at their ministers and reverends, the way they dress, their fear of Satan, etc. In the end, they are both affected by Puritanism.
One belief that the Puritan people had was that they believed their ministers and reverends were very holy. They were incapable
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They were supposed to live a life praising God and staying away from evil things. You were not to break any sins or turn away from God ever. In The Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne and Reverend Dimmesdale broke a commandment. They both committed the sin of adultery. They were frowned upon after this, because as a Puritan you are supposed to live holy and never break any sins. In The Crucible, Abigail Williams turned away from God. She turned away from him by getting involved in witchcraft, and summoning the devil. As a result of her action, so many people were falsely accused and killed. As a puritan you are to always be with God, and Abby turned away by choosing Satan.
In the end, Puritanism had a lot to do with the actions made by the characters in The Crucible and in the Scarlet Letter. As a Puritan you were supposed to believe that your ministers were as holy as they get. You were also supposed to take punishments and breaking the rules very seriously. Another main belief was that you were supposed to always believe in God and stay away from all Evil. Puritism really changed the way things were done in both