Purple: The Color Purple and Celie Essay

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Caleb Collins
English III Honors
26 August 2013 The Color Purple is written by Alice Walker. The book is narrated in first-person by letters between Celie and Nettie. Her life is placed in a rural town in Eatonton, Georgia. The main characters of this novel include; Celie, Alphonso, Shug, Nettie and Mr. During the start of the novel, readers know that Alphonso beats Celie, but he makes her stay quiet. Celie writes to God not understanding whats going on with her life style. Alphonso, the father, also rapes his daughter since his wife is very ill. As the story begins Celie's mother becomes too ill and passes, however the Celie's first newborn, due to incest, is murdered in the woods. Celie has a very depressing lifestyle compared to others and she manages to keep hope by writing letters to God. As the story progresses, Celie and her family attend church like normal people would. Celie winked at a boy in Church whom she liked. Arriving at her home she is beaten because of her actions. She then is battered once more for looking "trampy". Later on, a man without name was married, however his wife was murdered by her passionate lover. This man then has feelings for Nettie, Celie's little sister. Alphonso disagrees with the man and doesn't hand her over to him. He then insist taking Celie instead since she is a liar, and ugly. Eventually he agrees and takes her. Celie is a strong young girl with a lot of perseverance and courage. Her dad and many other men treat her like property, but on the other hand she believes in herself and writes stories towards God about keeping hope not just for her, but for her family. A new character is introduced by the name of Shug who changes Celie in a different manner. In a picture she found was Shug Avery who sings at Lucky Star. Soon she becomes very sick and is put into Celie's care, eventually becoming friends. Throughout the book, Shug becomes what Celie never had; a mother and a teacher. As time passes, Celie grows more courageous and self-confident with herself. One day she finally broke into a rampage of anger directed towards Mr. during dinner with others present. Celie and Shug run away off to Tennessee to start a new life owning a clothing store. Celie and Shug eventually return to their Georgia town seeing how much Mr. had changed from when they have left. Celie's father died and inherits the house in which they live in from now on. This story presents a precise message of informing its readers to have hope of believing in yourself and don't let others put you down. One appetizing moment that would have represented this is Celie's outburst direct toward Mr. "Well, us talk and talk about God, but I’m still adrift. Trying to chase that old white man out of my head. I been so busy thinking bout him I never truly notice nothing God make. Not a blade of corn (how it do that?) not the color purple (where it come from?)"
This passage exponentially shows Celie's faith in humanity and Christianity. When she states "but I'm still adrift." it explains how she does not know where she stands with God, both believing and disbelieving. From the abuse that happens to women and especially her