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PURPOSE: We write this letter to propose a solution to a problem at (so and so). The problem is that the company’s lounge is very outdated and not up to par with the company’s ______. Employees are beginning to complain about the dull look and how something needs to be done about it. So when it comes to a lounge space that is less than amazing, we’re all ready for change. But the biggest issue is budget.
PROBLEM: For the past four years this company has had no work done to the lounge, and it’s time for a change. The lounge is a place where employees can go on their break to relax, eat, or to simply pass time. The lounge should be comfortable, but here at (so and so), it is not. The walls are gray, the carpet is dark blue, and there is a nineteen inch television with a VCR attached. The file cabinets are rundown with missing nobs and the furniture is no good. The refrigerator is very small and can hardly fit anything in it.
Solution: Employees might already be bored in their office, so when they come to the lounge it should … We want our lounge space to affect moods positively. We’re not going to go crazy with the colors, but painting just one or two walls in the lounge in a lively color to spur productivity won’t hurt. Below are the ideas we came up with:

Instead of gray walls, we can add a cheerful color of wallpaper or paint. Maybe a soft yellow, peach, green or blue to add atmosphere without being too bright. If you want something less permanent than paint, put up removable decorations. Cover a wall with a painting, or use smaller removable decals. Hang framed artwork with colorful, abstract designs for a modern feel, landscapes and natural designs

The two rundown couches need to be something more comfortable and there should be a table where employees can sit to handle business, if needed. And instead of a file cabinet, we can replace that with a bookshelf to hold catalogs, brochures, company information and samples, so choose a design that complements the desk. Also a new thirty-two inch television with a DVD…