Purpose Of Bsls Program

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Content Outline

1. Orientation Purpose
The purpose of this orientation is to help facilitate students’ educational and professional goals by providing an introduction to the primary components of the BSLS program.
2. Orientation Objectives
a. After completing this orientation, learners will have the fundamental knowledge of the requirements necessary to successfully complete their program.
b. This orientation is designed as a knowledge tool and resource for students.
c. Students will attend an additional orientation before the core sequence (EDU/300CA).
3. Program: Mission, Purpose, Description, and Design (refer to Slides 4-6 of PowerPoint® Presentation)

Explain accreditation.
4. Admission Requirements (refer to Slide 7 of PowerPoint® Presentation)
a. HS Diploma/GED
b. English proficiency
c. Verification of negative TB test results
d. Receipt of request for a Certificate of Clearance

5. Degree Requirements (refer to Slide 8 of PowerPoint® Presentation)
a. 121 units
b. Minimum 2.5 GPA
c. Program specific requirements and assessments
6. Minimum Grade Requirements (refer to Slide 9 of PowerPoint® Presentation)
a. Program and course specific minimum GPA requirements
b. HIS/110CA includes the U.S. Constitution required by California
c. Courses where grades of B or better are required, “I” and “B-“ are not accepted
d. Candidates who do not earn a “B” or better in Student Teaching I & II must repeat the seminar(s) and the related portion of student teaching.
7. Required Subjects of the Liberal Arts (refer to Slide 10 of PowerPoint® Presentation)
a. All undergraduate students must satisfy math and English prerequisites prior to enrolling in any course that requires math or English as a prerequisite.
b. Students must complete a combination of the Required Course of Study, Liberal Arts General Education, and Electives.
c. These subjects prepare students for the exams.
d. Refer to Slides 10 and 11 of PowerPoint® Presentation.
8. General Education Component (refer to Slide 11 of PowerPoint® Presentation)
a. General Education Component, 81 credits