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1.1 Explain the benefits of knowing the purpose of communication
Throughout the human life communication is vital in order to make progress in either everyday situations or business purposes. Writing and verbal communication are the main methods of communication in the modern world. There are different reasons in which people will communicate, some will be for organising a social period, some would be asking for help, for example when I lost my homework sheet in secondary I was able to call a classmate and he sent it over via email, it can be in order to call for immediate assistance like emergency calls to 999 (911 in the US), another reason would be for business.
For business, communication can be used in order to organise events, enquire about payment information if you are awaiting cash from customers and so on.
When in a working environment it is vital to know the purpose of each communication in order to relay information to the next person/ group of people to the highest possible effect.
When working in groups, e-mails and face to face meetings are the best way to relay information. This is due to the fact that it will allow vast amounts of information to be presented at one time and could give the opportunity to pass around documents and the chance to describe what each individual one is for.
In the office we supply each of the shops’ stationary, tickets, lightbulbs etc. and in order for the shops to get the right items from us we rely on them to supply the right information. The ideal way is to send an e-mail. This would be due to the fact that they can list what they need and supply enough information to avoid any silly mistakes, it also ensures that no notes are made on silly little bits of paper and get lost. If too little information is supplied the next step would be a phone call, this would allow an instant response and a rapid way to understand what the message means exactly. The phone call is only used when the managers are a little vague in what they are describing.
1.2 Explain the reasons for knowing the audience to whom the communication is being presented.
When it comes to communication, knowing your audience is very important, this is because the formalness of the way you communicate shall vary depending on whom you are addressing. With business you would use an informal method of communicating in order to talk with people within the company. Using formal methods of communication you would be contacting a company manager or director or a figure outside of the company you would like to leave a good impression of the business you work for.
After knowing my audience I would decide the method in which would be best to relay my information to them and how my idea is one of a high level. I must present the information in such a way that the audience will clearly understand what I am getting at and appreciate every idea I put forward.
In order to present information to a high level such as this I have to ensure that the audience are initially interested in the topic, find out what they expect to find off of from, for say they expect a clear presentation with good information and imaging to increase the understanding, if they want that then I have to deliver it. Finally, if you can read the mood it will help, you can try to increase the performance and make it fun if people are bored or take it slow if people aren’t feeling too well stc.
1.3 Explain the purpose of knowing the intended outcomes of communications.
Knowing the intended outcomes is important because it will tell me if the information I am supplying them with is enough to give them a good opinion or not enough and they are confused. It also tells me if they thought that it was enjoyable or not which could effect the way the information got across to them.
1.4 Describe different methods of communication and when to use them
Verbal communication is by far the most important and effective communication type, this is because