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Purpose Of Setting
Primary School
The purpose of a Primary School is to provide education to children between the ages the school ages of 4-11. The school educate children by having specific classes that would focus on different parts of the early learning goals. It has different levels of education depending on the time of year and the ages of the children. Primary schools protect and safeguards children by producing school policies and following the Every Child Matters policy. Teachers are not only in school to educate children, but to also provide support and advice to those who need it even if it is not a school related subject. Primary school teachers use one teacher per class to teach all the subjects rather that a rotation of teachers teaching different subjects to one child so that the teacher will be experienced in teaching their set class and have a lot of experience in dealing with individual pupils. With one teacher, pupils are able to build a strong teacher and pupil relationship. This will allow children to trust, obey and respect the teacher easier. If the pupils didn’t have trust in their teacher they may not feel comfortable discussing certain issues with the teacher and could possibly cause a negative effect on their need and educational achievement as they may not ask the teacher for help. All staff would be CRB/DBS checked in order to prevent children from harm or abuse in any way. Schools work closely with social service and the police. They do this so that the police and social services to get involved if they believe that the chid suffering from abuse or if there was a breakage of the law occurred on school grounds. The main focuses of schools is to protect children throughout the time they spend on the school grounds, for this to take place, this is why all staff must be CRB/DBS checked so that children are not put in any possible danger or harm towards them. Teachers are responsible for their pupil’s educational achievements and will have to ensure that children are up to date with their learning and make sure they are completing homework and their class work. If the child is falling behind, the teacher must discuss with both parent and