Purpose of Research Essay

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Purpose of Research Research is an investigation in or on a particular subject to form a legitimate basis, to revise or establish a theory, or to cultivate certain plans of execution based on discovered facts. The purpose of research is undoubtedly a continuing routine of refining and correcting a hypothesis, which may point in the direction of a scientific truth. First identifying the problem and planning to work towards resolving the app developers predicament. After the problem has been identified then the leaders need to design a research study that will facilitate collecting, measuring, and the analyzing of the data that is relevant to the development of the app, its purpose and its targeted group. Now that the developers have designed the research study they need to start the research study. By doing this it will answer many questions that lead toward identifying the appropriate age, activities, and locations. The organizations will follow all the guidelines which include any rules or steps towards making sure the right conclusion to the problem is found. They will also ensure that ethical conduct is also followed and ensuring no personal information leaked. Researching the issues and possible solutions such as; will the app be for people of all ages, for a specified age range and what outdoor activities are more preferred, will help the app developers correct the problems to the best of the developers ability. The problems that we picked bring in many