Pursuing A Career As A Welder

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The first career is a Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical Engineers design machines that use parts. They also design parts for these machines if they were to break. They tend to work 40-50 hours a week including overtime on the job. Mechanical engineers tend to spend most of their time on computers designing parts. They may need to work in a shop to see how their machines are working or how things may be running and how to adjust them. The employment outlook is that there is a need of them. With more companies expanding. They usually make more in one year than they do spending on college if you get a good job. Mechanical engineers on average earn 51 to 119 thousand a year. Some related jobs are manufacturing engineers(industrial engineers), which …show more content…
A welder uses electricity to join two pieces of metal together. It can be used in anything from building skyscrapers to building watertight battleships. They either work in shops or outside on larger projects. Building small jigs or building buildings. The education that is needed to become a welder at a company is a two year degree at a technical college. Some companies pay welders to attend technical college while working at their company. There is a demand for welders at any given point in the united states. With more people attending college rather than trades school, less welders will be pushed out into the workforce. Wages for welders will then og up for the lack of employees. Earnings are anywhere from 15-50 dollars an hour depending on the job you do. Some related jobs to welders are, fabricators which make parts for companies. Steamfitters which assemble piping and repair it, and ironworker which build buildings using industrial size steel. …show more content…
A commercial diver builds and repairs objects underwater such as ship hulls, river dams, and bridges. They usually work outside or underwater unless doing indoor repairs on equipment. In very cold water in the ocean or in rivers. The education requirements that are needed are a two year technical college in welding or construction. As well as a ‘Certified Diver’ certificate. There is a increase in jobs for commercial divers because it is going to be needed with the more boats and ships that are being put out. Pipes will still need to be fixed as well as bridges that people use every day. Commercial divers make anywhere from 30 to 300 thousand dollars a year depending on the level of experience as well as the type of job is being done. Some related jobs are welder, oil drilling crew which drill for oil on the ocean. As well as construction jobs, which build buildings and structures. (“Commercial Diver”)

I think the best career for me is a welder. Welding two pieces of metal to create a permanent bond seems like a career that will never go away and will always be in demand. It requires hands on work compared to working on a computer every day. Building things in real life rather than on a screen is more appealing to me. I think that a trades job will be more beneficial in life because it teaches skills rather than teaches a