Pursuing Constitutional Satiety Essay

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Pursuing Constitutional Satiety

Pursuing Constitutional Satiety Restriction! I know that everyone can remember a time as a child when they were restricted. For me it was always as if I was placed on restriction at the wrong time or for the wrong reason. It was just when I wanted to go out and play tag with my friends that my mother would declare a restriction on me – not because of anything that I did wrong, but because of what one of my other siblings did wrong. Conditions! I know everyone can think of a time that conditions were placed on them that did not seem fair or warranted. I can only imagine the internal pain that many African American men and women faced in the sixties when they were denied entrance in a restaurant, or denied admission into an entertainment venue – all because of the color of their skin. Thus, although their skin color was different, they were still human – so why were they denied basic rights and treated less humane than any other person? While the battle of color has definitely mitigated over the years, a new battle within humanity has emerged; a battle centered around sexuality – or to be more candid, sexual preference. There is a large number of American Citizens that have declared their attraction to a member of the same gender, and as a result have chosen to pursue happiness in life with a person of the same gender. Yet for no concrete reason, same gender couples have been provided with many restrictions on how to embrace one another, or conditions on when it is acceptable to declare their sexual preference – restrictions and conditions that are declared in the name of the United States Constitution! Ironically, the Constitution is a document that was formed to provide details on how the government shall operate and to provide details on how the government shall not intervene in certain rights that are inherently granted all citizens. Thusly, in the name of the Constitution, majority groups and the Government have formed an alliance to unreasonably interfere and force the individuals of a minority group to fight for an inherent right that is granted [them] by being citizens of the United States – their Constitutional right to pursue happiness in life. One of the biggest issues that same gender couples face is the right to marry. Many conservatives and religious organizations have fought against the right of same gender couples to marry as the conservatives and religious entities – hereinafter majority groups - believe that marriage should be preserved for opposite gender couples. As a result, these majority groups have teamed up with politicians and other government representatives in hopes that it can be proven that marriage between same gender couples is a violation of the Constitution. It has been stated that these majority groups are coming forward in the name of the First Amendment of the Constitution – which basically reveals that “people have the authority to practice religion and government shall not interfere with nor deny religion” (Government by the People, 2008, p.43). Nonetheless it is understandable that in many religions followers believe that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman for the purpose of reproduction. As such, this leads to the reason this group of folks readily lobbies against same gender couples whom desire to marry. However, the theory/definition of marriage presented by the religious groups is a theory that is celebrated within their group; and no one can intrude on what they believe and hold to be a truth for the folks that are part of their group. Yet, there may be other groups that believe something different. There may be other groups that too form under the first amendment that believe that their Creator made them for who they are and what they are – and no one should be able to deny them the right to live life peaceably and expressive